The Faitell Attractions Collective is comprised of a curated collection from specially chosen Dealers. We are committed to providing our customers with unique vintage and modern pieces from around the world.

Upon walking into our showroom, you’ll expect to see a variety of colors and design styles that will tantalize your senses. We cater to our clients who are searching for something "special" and keep this in mind when "on the hunt" for new products. We update our inventory daily so please check our website or visit our 4,000-foot showroom frequently for "cool" new items.

Wood table with metal base


Clark is a prolific artist and collector of Mid Century and everything cool and interesting. What he doesn’t keep for himself, is curated and displayed here for sale for others to enjoy. Clark also enjoys building custom wood slab furniture and hunting for exotic minerals and fossils, which also find their way into our collective space to purchase.

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Necklace made of pearls.


The Lynell Dobowy collection features vintage jewelry in "Hollywood" styles bought from the families of movie stars. Lynell, a collector for 30 years, is an avid jewelry hunter with the passion to please your taste.  Her goal is for you to love what you wear, at a reasonable price.
Corduroy Pants

Grant & Sarah Nestor:

Hammies is a retro brand specializing in classic beach styles from the 1950-80s. Hammies is a retro beachwear brand that specializes in the greatest hits from your parent’s and grandparent’s generation. They’re best known for their 70s era corduroy shorts (remember OP shorts?), but they also make 60s era cabana sets and smocks, 70s era terry cloth rompers and tees, and 80s era knit crop tops.

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Trevor Alleman

Trevor Alleman first got hooked on sourcing vintage pieces as a way to distract himself from the pressures of grad school (he has  a doctorate in clinical psychology and works as a therapist here in SB). He loves getting out of his analytical “left brain” and immerses himself in the world of form, color, and texture. He has a particular love of post-war California modernism, 1970s op-art, and brutalist design.


Nina Quiros:
The Story

Nina Quiros is a vintage stylist who specializes in vintage fashion, working with individuals, brands and magazines to create a unique vintage aesthetic.

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